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General information

The Library was brought to life on the basis of Regulation No. 60 of 2 October, 2005 issued by the prof. dr hab. Karol Musioł Rector of the Jagiellonian University.
The Faculty Library was created from collections: Institute of Economics and Management, Institute of Journalism and Social Communication, Institute of Information and Library Science, Institute of Public Affairs, Institute of Audiovisual Arts and Institute of Applied Psychology.
Firstly, the Library was located in the 7 Gronostajowa Street, now Library building is situated in 4 Łojasiewicza Street in the 3rd Campus of 600th Anniversary of the Jagiellonian University Revival. Total surface of the Library building is 2810,30 m² (of which surface habitable is 2404,70m²). About 300 users may use the Library at the same time. New modern building with functionally furnished facilities and technical improvements (air conditioning, monitoring, lift) create hospitable and comfortable environment for study. Thanks to huge surface habitable collections are located in open stacks. 2-storeys high building was built on a circular plan. A ground floor is assigned for: Reading Room, Lending Room, catalogues (online and paper), library's storage, staff rooms, 6 individual study carrels. On first floor and near the library's storage are situated audiovisual carrels equipped with TV, DVD, computers and headset. Thanks to architectural improvements disabled users may use the Library without the barriers. In carrel for students with sight impairments there is a computer station fitted with equipment: a scanner, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software for mechanical, electronic translation of scanned images and printed text, Screen Leader – software for disabled users, Magic Professional – software for person with sight impairments, computer and display. 

The Library actively collaborate with directors of 11 organizational units of the Faculty (Institute of Information and Library Science, Institute of Journalism and Social Communication, Institute of Audiovisual Arts, Institute of Applied Psychology, Institute of Public Affairs, Institute of Economics and Management, Institute of Culture, Department of Computational Linguistics, Information Technology Systems Department, Department of Management in Tourism, Multimedia Computer Centre). Acquisition process task is to develop collections to reflect the educational needs of the users. The main aim of the Library is to provide resources and services that are necessary to support the curricular and research goals of students and university employees. To better understand users needs, library staff members: participate in meetings of Institute Council and Library Council; carry out consultations and observations; carry on conversations, analyse studies programme, documents and library holdings; makes surveys.

From 1998 the Library in collaboration with Jagiellonian Library and other departmental libraries creates the Computer Catalogue of the Jagiellonian University Libraries' Collections operated by VTLS/VIRTUA software. From 2003 the Library cooperates with other libraries and creates a Union Catalogue of Polish academic and research libraries – NUKAT. This cooperation includes preparing bibliographic record's formats for documents.
Up to the present the Library has entered jointly over 58,000 records to NUKAT. The Library of the Faculty of Management and Social Communication with other ten libraries of Jagiellonian University, use circulation module operated by VTLS/VIRTUA software. 

The Library staff is divided into three sections: acquisition, cataloguing, circulation and scientific information section. The Head of the Library coordinates all actions entirely. Qualified library staff members with appropriate higher education provide high-quality services. Moreover, six staff members finished postgraduate studies in information broker, copyright, human resource management. It is worth mentioning, that highly qualified library staff offer help in students' self-education, professional training of employees and for other users. 

The Library offers various library, information, training and technology services. Online catalogue, databases, electronic journals, all of the internet resources are free to access for everyone from several dozen computer stations with the internet connection. It is possible to use scanners, copier, individual study carrels, audiovisual carrels, DVD, TV and special carrel adopted for disabled students.
Users may access the Internet via Wi-Fi network using their own laptop computers, that is very essential to students writing theses. Furthermore, we have access to website and e-journal "Puls Biznesu" accessible from any computer in the Reading Room. These sources may be useful for users interested in issues connected with labour market.
Didactical and training activities include individual and group library training for 1st year students. Moreover, the Library conducting internship for students of librarianship studies and other organisational units at the Faculty. Students writing Bachelor's and Master's theses may take part in one of our library training programs. Lectures give library staff.

Now we have more than 3400 registered users, and we lend about 15 thousand items every year. For the last two years the Library have visited about 98 thousand users. On 14th July 2010 the Faculty Library received Quality Certificate under the ISO 9001:2008 standard.