1. Users are obliged to leave their overcoat, briefcase, bag, backpack, umbrella and other similar objects in the cloakroom or library locker. User can get a key with a 5 zloty coin exchange from the locker.
  2. It is forbidden to eat and drink in the Library. User is also obliged to turn a mobile phone off, and behave in a proper manner.
  3. User is obliged to show to a librarian books and materials he is carrying in to the Reading Room.
  4. It is forbidden to carry the items (books and journals) outside the Library.
  5. Journals located in the closed stacks can be ordered by filling-in a lending form. Items from the closed stacks can be used only in the Reading Room.
  6. In the Reading Room collections are located in open stacks.



  1. Personally, during the academic year: at the Loans Desk.
  2. Registration for students with valid electronic student's ID card is free of charge.
  3. A registration fee for new users without an electronic student's ID card is 10,00 PLN, a fee for duplicate is 15,00 PLN. Prolongation by next academic year is free.
  4. To register or renew library account it is necessary to show following documents: identity card or passport (foreign students); student's record book; valid electronic student's ID card.
  5. Registration rules are introduced in a Library Regulations.


  1. Library's holdings may borrow or use in the Reading Room: all students (full-time, evening, extramural, postgraduate) of the Faculty of Management and Social Communication, students other Faculties at the Jagiellonian University (based on cooperation agreement within loans) (4 volumes/1 month), all employees (not teachers) in the Jagiellonian University (4 volumes/1month), all faculty (teachers) in the Jagiellonian University (20 volumes/3 months), PhD students at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication (10 volumes/3 months).
  2. In the Lending Room books are located in open stacks.
  3. The right to borrow books outside the Library is available for all users who present a valid library card. Student's library card is valid through one academic year and should be renewed at the beginning of every academic year.
  4. Loans procedures are introduced in a Library Regulations.


  1. In case the items on loan are not returned by their due date fines - 0,20 PLN per book for each day - are charged by the integrated library system VTLS/VIRTUA.
  2. The return of all borrowed items must be recorded in student's book at the end of each academic year. If the user has a clear library account, a stamp is put in the student's book.


The loan period can be extended for next 1 month. The extension should be made before the end of the loan period. User should bring item to the Loans Desk.