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The Library mission, in step with the University development strategy, is to extend and increase educational offer to implement new fields of study and create new education and research model in higher education.
The mission is implemented through providing a high-quality library services to actively support research, development and educational processes at the Jagiellonian University corresponding to expectation of the faculty and students, and also to meet and respond the needs of all other users.
The Library's activities are aimed at creating a modern information centre to ensure unrestricted access to the national and global information resources. That centre will be based on preserved resources that support research, scientific and educational processes within development strategy of the Faculty of Management and Social Communication UJ.  
To fulfil this mission the Library participate in scientific, research and educational works through selection, acquisition, organisation library materials and making them available for users (students, academic teachers and researchers, University Authorities).
The Faculty Library provides professional services and help users identify items in the collections, stimulates users' need of self-education and create positive image in academic environment and outside the University. 

  • To provide access to wide variety of up-to-date resources necessary to support educational mission of the Faculty of Management and Social Communication UJ.
  • To organise didactic and scholar workshop to meet needs of academic researchers and students of the Faculty.
  • To acquire materials on a wide range of information carrier according to scholarly profile and curriculum of the Faculty.
  • To inform users about library collection and global information resources by online catalogue or currently updated website.
  • To gain traditional and electronic sources of information and making them available for users.
  • To provide access to national and global science achievement by access to the Web and hard-picked online full-text databases.
  •  To create hospitable environment for study and research in the Library (open stacks, individual study carrels, carrel for disabled students, audiovisual carrels).
  • To provide access to new equipment and technology.
  • To implement new information technology.
  • To improve information-seeking skills of users.
  • To constantly develop staff professional qualifications to fulfil the Library mission.
  • To make library services suitable for actual users needs.
  • To monitor quality of library services and effectiveness of library program.
  • To enable better access to library collection; appropriate preservation, protection and security of library collection.
  •  To manage resources effectively and actively in order to promote use it. 

  • To create positive image of the Library by self activity in the academic environment.
  • To create Library image as an information centre.
  • To promote and popularise collection, resources, library and information services in academic environment.
  • To recognise information and educational needs of the scholarly community.
  • To initiate and collaborate with academic community and librarian community in Poland to exchange professional experience.
  • To facilitate easy access to information resources for all interested users.
  • To make quality library services suitable for raising expectations of users.
  • To inspire users to broaden their interests in other fields of knowledge.