Library collection consists of books from disciplines taught at the Faculty of Management and Social Communication, that are basis of lectures for didactic. Thematic range of collection is: micro- and macroeconomics, accounting, econometrics, organisation and management, marketing, social communication, library science, journalism, film studies, economic geography, economic policy and history, law, developmental and educational psychology, clinical psychology, health psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychopathology, work psychology. In the Reading Room reference collection was enlarged of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, translation dictionaries, statistics publications, atlases etc. The Library collects also books from the fields of: philosophy, sociology, politic science, history, medicine, pedagogy. Holdings include also Polish and foreign journals.

Library collection consists of 100,000 volumes including books and journals. Currently, 69 titles of Polish journals and 22 titles of foreign journals are subscribed. Moreover, the Library receives 14 titles of journals as a gift. The Library preserves doctoral dissertations from the Faculty.

Library arrangement system


0. General division
1. Philosophy
2. Psychology
3. Sociology
4. Social politics
5. Ethics
6. Statistics, Mathematics
7. Economy
8. European Union
9. Finances
10. Computer science
11. Marketing
12. Accounting
13. Law
14. Public administration
15. Insurances

16. Organization and management
17. Art
18. Film studies
19. Literature
20. Geography
21. Culture
22. Education
23. Media
24. Transport
25. Political science
26. Guidebooks
27. Property
28. Pedagogy
29. Medicine
30. History